Time & Cost Savings of Spinning vs Stamping


One of the most competitive options to metal stamping is metal spinning. Metal spinning gives the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of tooling for a given part, while at the same time reducing overall lead time. In the metal stamping world, a deep drawn part must be accompanied by set of progressive dies. The metal is then formed in a numerous series of process over the die sets. Metal spinning takes a more direct route to metal forming.

Typically just one form tool is needed in order to take a piece of sheet metal to a finished part. We can do this by continuously moving steel rollers across the virgin material as it spins. As the rollers guide and stretch the metal it is laid tightly against the form tool trimmed to size and finished as a completed part. In addition, metal stamping can take months just in development. Metal spinning can take a project from concept, to production, to shipped goods in 6 weeks or less.